Remodeling a home to sell Part 1

Remodeling to sell requires a thoughtful undertaking. At the forefront is time and money, but equally important is quality, longevity of the design, and aligning with current tastes.  So what does a home-seller do when they are ready to sell their home of ten years but it needs some modern appeal?  You get creative with your realtor.

Detail on entrance needing a fresh coat of paint and repairs

Detail on entrance needing a fresh coat of paint and repairs.

Old Timey Outlet Market Source Real Estate

They literally don’t make em like they used to!

before remodel market source real estate

Storage is great but these unappealing bookshelves aren’t helping anybody.










remodel in progress market source real estate

New wood floors, baseboards, paint, and an open concept living area. So fresh, so clean!


remodel in progress stairs market source real estate

Before stairs it was just an awkward to the basement bathroom.

Market Source Real Estate broker Jeremy Higginson is working with clients holding on to a sweet Millcreek cottage for just that reason. The great location and spacious front lawn brought the house attention, and more than a few offers. Yet after 18 months, the owners still didn’t have a contract.  Jeremy is currently guiding the house’s remodel and rehab so his clients can get top doll

ar for their home.Built in the decade of ragtime and the Ford Model-T, this “carriage house” still has solid bones, and even a bygone electrical outlet in mint condition to show for how well it’s been cared for.

But the old carpets, out-dated paint and style, and functional issues pushed potential buyers away.

Jeremy arranged for a flooring contractor, general contractor, cleaning crews, and painters to bring this carriage house into the 21st century.

Joe Smolka, general contractor, opened up the space and created more flow by knocking down a wall that was separating the kitchen from the living room.  Now the functional fireplace is at the center of attention.  He also added stairs to an awkward a previous remodel had left in the basement between the laundry and bathroom, and new baseboards.

The expected return on investment is an additional $40,000 on the sales price of this historic Millcreek remodel.