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Home Buyer Checklist

Our mission is to guide home buyers and sellers through one of the biggest financial decisions of their lives. We strive to make buying and selling homes a smooth process where our clients feel empowered with information and shielded from complications.

We hope this checklist helps you through the process of buying a home.


1. Get Pre-approved for a mortgage loan and establish a budget. This important step will illuminate any disappointments by avoiding looking at homes outside of your budget or what you qualify for.


2. Identify what type of property you would like to buy (condo, townhouse, single-family home, duplex, etc.)

3. Identify what locations are acceptable for your new home. Consider public transit, schools, grocery stores, shopping, etc.

4. See prospective homes with your agent. This can be daunting but so much fun!

5. Write an offer on a home and get it accepted! Keep in mind that sometimes negotiations will need to take place.

6. Once you have an accepted offer, follow your agent’s instructions for providing earnest money, ordering a home inspection, and starting the loan origination process with your lender.

7. After inspections are complete and the appraisal is completed, usually the transaction will go through so it is time to start packing and planning your move.

8. Contact movers 1-2 weeks ahead of time as a minimum to be sure your timeline can bet met. And start packing!


9. Less than one week before closing you will need to set up utilities to be in your name, homeowner’s insurance to start. We will provide you with the contact info for your utility providers.


10. On the day of closing or day prior to closing, you will need to wire your down payment and closing costs to the title company for closing. After your loan funds and the deed records, you are the new owner of your home! Your agent will arrange to get keys to you so you can take possession.

Things to do at 15th and 15th

Please Note: We’re continuing to post about local businesses, events, and area attractions; however, things often change due to COVID-19 restrictions.  So please, double-check before you visit any of our recommended spots to confirm availability, accessibility, or any restrictions.  Stay safe. Be well. And support Local! Thank you. 

Tucked just a few blocks north of Sugar House is the little residential and commercial neighborhood of 15th and 15th. The stores and restaurants may have changed over the years, but the feeling of community sticks around. You should experience it for yourself.

Things to do:

15th Street Gallery

For a little bit of class, head over the 15th and 15th area of Salt Lake City. Start, or finish, at the 15th Street Gallery. The gallery has an ever-rotating collection of art from local artists in Utah. They also have a selection of unique gifts, jewelry and they offer custom framing services. They regularly have private and public events in their main gallery. And be sure to stop by the gallery the third Friday of the month for gallery stroll.


The King’s English Bookshop

If painting, sculpture, and photography aren’t your thing, but you a bibliophile, head down the block to the King’s English Bookshop. Stop by to read and relax for a while, or catch one of the nearly daily events. From author meet and greets to children’s storytime, to poetry readings, there is something for every book lover.  

Where to Eat: 


 You’ve been out all day shopping or playing, or working for that matter, and you need to unwind a little. Walk up the street a little to this little gem, Finca. Food inspired by the diverse regions of Spain made with local and sustainable ingredients. The hand-selected wine list includes unique Spanish options, with a focus on wines from the small estate, sustainable vineyards. And we can’t forget to mention about the tapas they have available and that you should try. 


Mazza Cafe

If you want something a little farther east, right next door to Trestle Tavern is Mazza. Some of the best Middle Eastern food in town. Mazza has two locations, this being a smaller and more intimate setting, where you can find authentic Middle Eastern cuisines such as Falafel, Shawarma, Kebabs, dips, and salads. Mazza also claims to have the largest selection of Middle Eastern beer and wine in the country. That alone may be worth the visit.


And of course, schedule yourself a foodie class at Caputo’s. Learn all things chocolate, wine, cheese, whiskey, and more at one of the informative and fun classes regularly taught here. Don’t forget to stock up on your groceries. Find all things local and imported, with an emphasis on quality; you won’t go wrong with anything you pick up here. 

Tulie Bakery

Swing by 15th and 15th on your way to work, and stop in Tulie, a French-style bakery where you can find tasty pastries, tarts, cakes, and other baked goods. Grab a coffee while you are there, or swing by for lunch and grab a Croque Monsieur, or a quick avocado toast.

Sweetaly Gelato

And for dessert, don’t forget Sweetaly Gelato & Custom Cakes. The proprietors of this fine establishment are from Italy and know a thing or two about gelato. If you have ever had gelato in Italy, then you know there is no substitute. Need a custom cake? Yeah, they do that too. Do yourself a favor and stop in, you won’t regret it. 

Stress Management for Home Buyers

Everything about moving can be stressful. We have a few tips to help you manage stress during the process. From the selling or buying of a home to the packing and unpacking, there are moments of excitement and moments of anxiety so having your ducks in a row so to speak will help make the later moments minimal.

Start Small– this will allow you to see progress along the way and hopefully keep you motivated without the tasks seeming to daunting. Whether that is packing up all the bathroom drawers only leaving items that you may need up until moving day, to picking a section of basement or garage to make some headway.


Allow for plenty of time– trying to rush through the moving process will do nothing but put added stress on the situation. Pre-planning for moving trucks etc., will help you also feel more prepared. Try not to leave anything to the last minute.

Try to stay organized– sorting and labeling boxes is the key to having a less stressful unpacking experience. This includes keeping all documents you may need in an easy to access place. Upfront planning is essential to coordinating all the ‘moving’ parts.


Hire professional movers-if you can fit it into your budget, having professionals come and pack the truck, haul the items, and unpack the truck in your new space is a lot less work for you. In addition, it will not only save your back from heavy lifting but will give you peace of mind knowing all your stuff is in one place.

Ask for help– if you need it, ask! Family and friends are a great resource if you are feeling overwhelmed by the move. Having an extra set of hands or two, can help tremendously.


Meet your new neighbors– who knows, they may even be nice enough to come help you unpack.


Rest– be sure to rest when you need too. Try and get as much sleep as possible and drink plenty of fluids. This will help you both mentally and physically.