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Valentine’s Day Dinner Specials to Enjoy with Your Sweetheart

Please Note: We’re continuing to post about local businesses, events, and area attractions; however, things often change due to COVID-19 restrictions. So please, double-check before you visit any of our recommended spots to confirm availability, accessibility, or any restrictions. Stay safe. Be well. And support Local! Thank you.


Valentine’s Day, that time of year when cheesy love notes, heart-shaped boxes of chocolates and red roses take center stage.

Why not really impress your sweetheart this year by making plans to visit one of these romantic eateries in Salt Lake–you may even win extra love points. Make those reservations today!

Fratelli Italian Ristorante

Serving a prix-fixe dinner for $35 a person, you get a 3-course dining experience with your choice of lobster bisque or Campagne Ceasar salad to start, crab cake or petite filet with Cabernet pan sauce for course two,  and chocobella cake or raspberry Tiramisu for dessert.  You can also order off the regular menu that evening.



Log Haven

If the picturesque atmosphere isn’t enough, the food will impress you. Order the Korean Fried Cauliflower as a starter and you will have a taste of what the evening will have in store.  From the Grilled American Waygu with charred brussel sprouts, pomme frites and truffle aioli to Shrimp Scampi with Fettuccini, you will delight in the satisfying flavors. Chef Jones has even created a 3-course Low Calorie/High Impact Special if you are watching those calories.


SLC Eatery 

Enjoy a 3-course dinner for $60 a person with an optional wine pairing for an additional $35. Choose from Roasted beets, black kale salad or seafood fried rice to start. Followed by your choice of Goat Cheese Agnolotti, ora King Salmon, Snake River Farms Beef Shoulder Tenderloin or roasted chicken. End this amazing meal with choice of dark chocolate panna cotta, Raspado, or Affogato.


London Belle

A lovely 3-course prix-fixe dinner for Valentine’s Day has been selected at London Belle for $50 per person. Start with smoked salmon nachos or Chermoula spiced cauliflower. The main dish choices are Wagu tenderloin or honey butter blackened sea scallops and your choice of triple chocolate mouse or tangerine English custard for dessert.


Tucanos Brazilian Grill

A delicious dinner for two at $31.95 per person which includes the chef’s selections of rosemary herb salmon, roasted rib eye, grilled shrimp, and a special Valentine’s chocolate treat. Complimentary rose included! 


What You Need to Know Before You Buy a Luxury Home

Luxury Homes in Salt Lake City

Shopping for high-end real estate is not the same as typical home buying. There are some transferable tips and tricks, but overall, it’s an entirely different process.

When you buy a luxury home, you can’t afford to make a mistake. Any errors you potentially make are going to be compounded.

Understand everything you need to know about buying a luxury home.

What You Need to Know Before You Buy a Luxury Home

First, you should know what a luxury home is. The top 10% of properties listed on an area’s real estate market are the luxury homes of that neighborhood.

As you can see, a luxury home varies considerably based on location. Some people also add that the architecture must be unique or some other qualifier.

Understand the Buying Process

Searching for a luxury home starts a little differently than you’d expect. These differences begin with how it’s listed and continue until the selling is complete.

A large number of luxury homes aren’t listed to protect the owner’s privacy. You can only find these homes by working with realtors who know about them through their own connections.

Take with your realtor and your partner to make your wants clear. Do as much research as possible beforehand. This will help you develop a course of action that will make navigating through the market easier.

Find a real estate company based in Salt Lake City to help you through this complex process.

Don’t Buy a Luxury Home in a Non-luxury Neighborhood

As stated before, a luxury home is defined by its houses. Buying a property in a non-luxury neighborhood drives the house’s value down.

It never hurts to do a little research on the neighborhood before moving in. If you’re looking for a gorgeous lakeside property, you want to make sure a house isn’t going to be built between you and your view.

Luxury Homes in Salt Lake City

Make Financial Considerations

Decide what you’re willing to do financially ahead of time. Know that no matter how large your budget is, there are always limits. Keep in mind there’s usually room to negotiate with the seller.

Your mortgage lender will discuss what you’re able to do.

Luxury Home Values Fluctuate

Be patient. There are few luxury home buyers, and the market fluctuates the same as any real estate market. If the price is too high, you might be able to wait it out. However, this can backfire, and the price could also rise.

Home Inspections

You’re making such a large investment that you can’t afford to waive the home inspection. It may be worthwhile to do this with smaller sales, but not with properties with such high values.

Start Looking for a Luxury Home in Salt Lake City

When you buy a luxury home, it’s exciting and nerve-wracking. The thrill of knowing that soon you’ll be the owner of a beautiful property is contrasted by your fear that one mistake could ruin everything.

Don’t start the search by yourself. Do more research and consult with professionals. This is the best way to mitigate errors.

Contact us for more information about buying a luxury home in Salt Lake City!

Working From Home? Buy a Home That Fits Your Lifestyle

work from home - a home that fits your lifestyle - market source real estate

When you buy a new home, it should suit your lifestyle.

Working from home is more prevalent than it’s ever been. Employees and employers alike are starting to understand the benefits of a strong work-life balance. There’s also a really strong gig economy developing that has people making their own hours and doing all at home. 

Naturally, if you’re looking for a new house as someone that works from home, you’re going to need it to accommodate you. In this post, we will tell you how to look for a remote worker’s home. Having a house that provides you with the usual home comforts and allows you to get your work done might seem like a pipe dream, but keep reading, and we’ll help you make it a reality.

Look for Features You Want and Need

You’ll want to look for specific features in a house when you work from home. The biggest one will be a sequestered space where you can get your work done. If you’ve got children and a spouse and they’re home while you’re trying to work, having a home office or an adaptable workspace away from the chaos is going to be essential. 

Other features might include natural light so that you’re not in a dark room all day, a quality HVAC system so that you can control the temperature in different rooms, and a garden, which gives you a place to take breaks. Plants are proven to boost mood and productivity as well.

Check the House Size

The size of the house has to accommodate you being home all day. As we said earlier, if you’ve got a family, things can get crowded pretty quickly. If you’re distracted because you don’t have the space to create separation, your work will suffer.

Even if you have to pay a bit more for a larger house, remember that it’s going to benefit your ability to concentrate on your job.

Neighborhood and Surroundings

Think about your lifestyle as someone that works from home. There are loads of perks to remote work that other people just don’t have, one being the ability to take long breaks. If you like getting outside for a mid-afternoon run or walk, then you’ll want to be situated near nice outdoor spaces.

For that reason, you should prioritize a nice quiet neighborhood with gorgeous surroundings. The last thing you ever want to feel as a remote worker is that you’re cooped up in your home with nowhere to go.

A Versatile Layout That You Love

Learning how to choose a home when you work remotely means giving special consideration to the home’s layout. If you need silence while you work, having an office far away from the action will probably be a sticking point. When looking at houses, make sure to think about where you’ll work, how noise travels in the house, and how secluded you can be while you’re on the job.

Hire a Real Estate Agent to Find Your Remote Worker’s Home

A remote worker’s home isn’t always easy to find, so it’s essential to have a professional helping you out. A real estate agent will consider your specific needs and look for different homes for remote workers with them in mind. 

At Market Source Real Estate, we always put our clients’ needs first. Whatever requirements you have due to your work status, we’ll go above and beyond to find a home that meets them. Visit our site to learn more about us and contact us when you’re ready to start looking for your new home.