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Halloween is fun for all ages, amiright? Whether you enjoying dressing up, hosting a spooky party, or just handing out candy to the littles that show up at your door, there is such a fun energy on this particular holiday, we suppose it could be all the candy?

Whatever your thoughts are, there are many fun, themed attractions this time of year. If you are not into scary, check out some of the less frightful events. Either way, they are bound to get you into the spirit…

Sleepy Hollow

You have heard the tale now experience it! Ride through the woods on a horse drawn wagon. Be sure to keep your eyes open, it has been said that it is haunted by the Headless Horseman. Wear warm clothes and bring a blanket, evenings get pretty chilly!


Thriller Park at Kuwahara Wholesale

So many fun things to do here! From a pumpkin patch for Zombie Paintball. There are nightly performances of “Once Upon a Time” and spooky inflatables for the kids. Toddlers will enjoy the corn pit; older kiddos can peruse around the Haunted House or get their speed on with a mini tractor race. And so much more!


Nightmare on 13th

Be prepared to get spooked going through this haunted attraction. Around every corner, something is lurking and sure to jump out at any time. The costumes and actors are some of the best in the state. If you love to be scared during the Halloween season, put this on your ‘must do’ list. No one under 10 years of age is recommended to enter.

300 W. 1300 South

Pumpkin Nights

Buried treasure, bounce houses, live entertainment and lit pumpkins galore! There are seven pumpkins lands with over 3,000 carved pumpkins and multiple Halloween displays. Spend hours roaming though the fairgrounds that is transformed for the season, creating the essential fall experience.

For Adults Only:


Vault of Nightmares

Bambara’s Vault Bar and Nightmare on 13th haunted house, have teamed up to create a spooky pop-up bar so that adults may be too old to trick or treat can still join in on some fun. The décor will be decked out in haunted décor and themed drinks like Medusa’s eye will be served.

320 W. 1300 South