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If you have been looking for that home, with the right price, and all the right amenities look no further.  Living between the ballpark and Liberty Park has its advantages.  If you like living, you will like this home.

Sometimes you just need to relax.  There are front porches, and then there is this front porch.  The custom made railing is the only thing between you and your amazing xeroscaped front yard. Sitting on this porch with a cold glass of lemonade (or other beverage) is what home ownership is about.

front porch

Relax, this is where you need to be.

This grand old lady just had her 100th birthday.  Unlink your grandma, this lady has had some serious upgrades.  Orginal fireplace still intact, check. Orginal woodwork, check. Lift up this old lady’s skirt and you will see new plumbing, electrical, and newer furnace and AC. One could say she has been taken care of inside and out.

A perfect mix of vintage and modern.

Enjoy the tranquil back porch surrounded with light from what seems like 100 windows.  You, a good book, a slow fan breeze from above, and quite sunday afternoon can refuel your soul.


Your secret reading spot.

We all do it, we can’t help ourselves.  We have amazing spaces throughout our homes, and yet, when we get together we hang out in the kitchen.  You can fight it, or just enjoy this spacious kitchen that leaves pleanty of room for your guests while sill being able to cook.  Oh, and yes it has gas.


A kitchen meant for entertaining.

This newly remodeld bathroom is far too nice for this price point. Custom marble subway tiles, individually cut, something you would expect in a Tuscany villa, but this lower Sugar House villa is much easier to get to.

Get wet, get happy!

Get wet, get happy!

As the sun went down, this picture revealed a glimps of what it like to experiance a Utah backyard. Waiting for the right moment, or the right people, this backyard is what we all know we want.  A place for our friends, family, and everyone inbetween. Some of those friends, you might even invite to relax in your hot tub. Some of your friends, maybe not.


Friends, fun, and BBQ! Summer happens here!

This home is only going to be on the market for a short time. Like all good things in life, if you don’t reach out and take advantage while you can, you may never get a second chance.  Don’t let this amazing home pass you by.  Call Monique Higginson 801.205.8235 for more info.