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Old House Maintenance: The Complete Guide for Homeowners

Old House Maintenance: The Complete Guide for Homeowners

Homes are growing gray. The median age for an American home is 37 years. That means that roughly half of America’s homes were built before 1980. 

The odds are that you will live in an old home. This means that you must learn about old home maintenance. It’s easier than you think. 

What should you do regularly to maintain your home? What should be your primary focus to keep yourself comfortable? What are some threats to your property? 

Answer these questions, and you can keep your home as young as possible for years to come. Here is your quick guide. 

Draft a Seasonal Maintenance Schedule 

It would help if you did different things to stay comfortable in each season. In the middle of each season, write a house maintenance checklist of what you need to do to prepare for the next season. 

You should arrange for a tune-up on your cooling system in the middle of the spring. If you wait until June, you may struggle to find a timely appointment. It would help if you similarly asked for help for your windows in the middle of the fall so you can trap heat inside your house for the winter. 

Do not forget your roof in your regular home maintenance. Home insurance organizations paid out $13 billion for water damage in 2017. 

A primary reason for water damage is a leaking roof. First, check that all holes are filled in and add additional supports, so your roof doesn’t collapse. 

Focus On Heating and Cooling 

Many old homes struggle with keeping a comfortable temperature. This is often because the heating and cooling system is not working. 

But there are many fixes you can make to help keep things comfortable. You should add weather stripping to your doors and windows. You should put insulation into your attic, where most heat escapes an old house. 

Try to avoid stressing your HVAC unit too much. It can be hard to find a replacement, especially for an older house. If you need to warm yourself by a few degrees, put on an extra layer. 

Watch Out for Pests

One of the main differences between old and new construction homes is building materials. Old homes contain a lot of wood, which can attract different pests. For example, termites like to eat wood, while beetles like to build nests inside of wood. 

Pests require indoor and outdoor maintenance. First, inspect the soil against the foundation and walls of your house. If you notice tunnels, you may have problems burrowing into your home. 

It would help if you looked through your basement for any signs of pests. For example, you may notice them moving on your floor or building a nest. You should then call an extermination company to remove them.  

The Essentials of Old House Maintenance

Old house maintenance involves a few regular chores. You should adjust to the changing seasons and plan out steps in advance. But you must always protect your roof. 

You can focus on your heating and cooling system. Try to take some small steps to preserve it, like wearing extra layers. 

Be mindful of pests that feed on wood. They may burrow into your basement, so visit it with a good flashlight every once in a while. 

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